36”H  48”W  1.5”D

Where are you galloping, my friend? Do you not know that the way there is just as important as the finish line? Just stay in the moment and know, once and for all, this moment is all there is. If you just have to gallop – than gallop towards yourself, in its truest form.

For your tapestry, Gallop, our artisans use kora (thread) to apply the traditional stitching and hand- embroidery techniques of Herringbone, Aari, and French Knots. The tapestry is finished with numerous kardana (faceted glass) and colored beads on the chandelier, as well as, hand-applied block printing to enhance the side borders.

Four artisans work simultaneously on Gallop. Together, it takes them approximately 60 hours to complete the tapestry, using 40 unique materials for all of the hand-embellishments.


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