Signature Statements

“I am…” statements by Trishla Jain

In my own journey, I’ve set out to renew and expand one’s definition of self by replacing restrictive attributes (name, age, gender, origin) with poetic and expansive concepts. To this end, I write tiny poems, or ‘I am’ statements; actually, I write, paint, collage, sculpt and construct them. Through this process, the ‘I am’ begins to feel more real and true. In my experience, the statements transport one’s sense of self from a place of limited conceptual identity into a more sacred space.

‘I am’ statements remind us to be acutely more present with the here and now, to expand and to be bold. If we change our frame of reference, our lens, we can see ourselves from afar and discover greater truth, beauty and potential.

You will notice that each of my original paintings are titled with an ‘I am’. I look forward to sharing ‘I am’ statements through our social media and learning about yours, too.

Here are some favorites ‘I am’ statements:

I am celebrating my 35th orbit around the sun
I am surrendering all ‘shoulds’
I am ready to fly
I am slicing open the now
I am waking up on purpose
I am your midnight swim
I am pouring wine on the wind
I am your night when day seems too bright
I am an exceedingly polite attempt at seduction
I am his imaginary queen
I am the whisper worth hearing
I am beckoning simplicity
I am an uncut diamond
I am the wind’s temper, and its stillness
I am a ribbon of kindness
I am because we are