About Trishla Jain

Trishla Jain is an artist, mother, and spiritual devotee in service of life’s ultimate purpose: to elevate human consciousness. Born and raised in India, she began spiritual practices and experimental painting at a young age. Her spiritual disciplines include month-long periods of silence, ancient breathing sequences, and other forms of meditation to delve deeper into the truest nature of Self. It is here, at the intersection of devotion and beauty, that Trishla sources energy and inspiration for her paintings. 

To view her work, is to enter a world where color, paper, text, play and story-telling dance in unison. Color represents life-force; it is used liberally and in layers. Trishla also incorporates vintage ephemera, literary references, as well as her own poetry. She is known for creating visual symphonies of vibrant color and texture, telling intimate stories that one is subtly invited to discover. “Don’t delay happy!” she urges. Her artwork was showcased in four solo exhibitions in India between 2010 and 2017.

Trishla studied English literature at Stanford University in California. Her graduate coursework included English education at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. She currently resides in northern California with her husband and young children.