30”H  20”W  2.5”D

In my dreams, flowerpots are four times the size of my house. Giraffes could graze on the lilies, poppies, and sprigs of rosemary. Come on now, flair your hair and wake up on purpose! Say a thousand times ‘thank you’ to the sun that bathes you in light each morning.

For your tapestry, Invocation, our artisans use kora (thread) and Ahimsa silk thread to apply the traditional stitching and hand-embroidery techniques of Aari, Herringbone, and French Knots. This tapestry also includes guided machine long-stitch. The tapestry is finished with kardana (faceted glass) beads, as well as, hand-applied block printing to enhance the side borders.

Two artisans work simultaneously on Invocation. Together, it takes them approximately 32 hours to complete the tapestry, using 34 unique materials for all of the hand-embellishments.

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